Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nauticus!

Here's a chance to go for FREE, and help out a great cause, too! Nauticus, the Norfolk Maritime Museum, will celebrate 15 years of "exploring the power of the sea" with free admission and activities (including birthday cupcakes, the Hurrah Players, "piratey" fun with the Moody Crewe, and more!) on Saturday, June 6th from 10am to 5pm. Visitors are only asked to bring a new small toy (appropriate for a child under the age of 12) to be donated to the Salvation Army.
Don't forget to take a look aboard the USS Wisconsin; my kids LOVE looking down the street view along Boush Street right at the ship...intimidating, but GOD BLESS AMERICA!!
Check out for more details.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Free is a GREAT price!

Check out this deal!  How about 2 free games of bowling per day ALL SUMMER LONG?  We haven't been (yet) but are planning a game or two with some friends very soon... there's an option too, where parents can play for a super-low price.  Carly loves bowling on my iPhone and can't wait to "try it for REAL!" and some lanes even provide ramps and bumpers for the very little ones.  Fun!   
How the program works: 
Visit and find all the participating centers near you.  You can register online and find out about the Family Pass, too.  Have fun!  

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Go to the Virginia Zoo on us AND get out there in the fields!!

Listen all week long to "The Morning Wave" for your chance to win Family 4 Packs of tickets to the Virginia Zoo! What an amazing place to take the kids on a warm summer day; play in the fountains, view the awesome Africa exhibit and all the other animals, and soon you might get a peek and the new baby lions!

If you haven't gone strawberry pickin' yet, what are you waiting for? It's smack dab in the middle of peak season and I promise you it'll be a dusty, sweet, and profitable experience... bring you're own bucket and you might even save a little more!

You'll also want to bookmark this sight, the Virginia Grown site where you can find local fields and farm markets, and a Product Availability Chart to let you know just when your favorite produce is in season!

When you buy from local farmers, producers and processors, you’re making a green choice, saving time, energy and expense because these sellers are located nearby, not across the country. Freshness, flavor and nutrition are optimal with Virginia products you buy directly from the farmer because they are harvested and prepared only when they are at their peak, and with reduced transportation time, they reach you quickly to preserve their outstanding qualities. Buying locally also keeps green dollars instate to help boost Virginia agriculture and the state’s overall economic vitality.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ok, Ok, I know it's been a while...

I've been busy. But here's some good stuff!

1) Trader Joe's opens at Hilltop today (Friday!!) at 9am. Probably will be a complete zoo, but if you haven't been to one, MAKE TIME soon to get there. Take this list with you and try some of the best products: fresh produce (especially the bagged salads), goat cheese, Lacey's Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies, Lemongrass Chicken Stix, SnaPea Crisps.

2) An awesome exhibit FOR FREE!
Chrysler Hall's Bunny and Perry Morgan Family Day
Sunday, May 17th 1pm-5pm
Join us for one of our liveliest events of every year! Bunny and Perry Morgan Family Day features free admission, tours, music, live glassblowing, and special activities for all ages. Visitors can take advantage of free shuttles from the Chrysler to the Stockley Gardens Arts Festival happening the same day!