Thursday, March 19, 2009

Silver Diner Kids Night goings on!

March 24-MIX AND MATCH NIGHT: Come dressed in your craziest mix matched attire for extra chances to win some wacky prizes.
March 31-SILLY SOCKS & FACE PAINTING NIGHT: Mix them, match them, turn them inside out, and wear your silliest socks to the Silver Diner for good food and fun, no doubt! Face painting and sock puppets will be the activities of the night and extra tickets for chances to win prizes if your parents have silly socks in sight!
April 7-PAJAMA PARTY: Join us in your PJs tonight, have mom and dad wear their PJs too for extra chances to win a Blockbuster Gift Card.
April 14-SILVER DINER EGG HUNT: Come hop around with us and see how many eggs you can find. Everyone will hop away with a special treat.
April 21-IT'S A JUNGLE OUT THERE: Welcome to the Jungle at the Silver Diner. What is your favorite jungle animal? Is it a lion, a snake or a beautiful
exotic bird? Bring us a picture; receive extra tickets for a chance to win
a trip to the Norfolk Zoo, where the sounds of the jungle can be heard!
April 28-FARMER JACK AND DR. SEUSS CAT IN THE HAT: Come on over to the Silver Diner's very own barn house. Hang out and meet some very special
guests. Watch out a special cat might try to stop in to start trouble on
the farm!
For more information please contact Wendy Banty at 757-382-0801 or email:
These Kids Nights events take place at all three area Silver Diner
Restaurants in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Newport News from 5 until 8pm.

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