Thursday, November 13, 2008

a Thanksgiving craft and bonus coupon!

This is a craft we did with both kids last year; I think it was actually at Carly's birthday party... we just traced around their hands onto scrapbooking paper (which, by the way, are on sale at Michael's now: 4 for $1) or construction paper in fall-ish colors.  Then just fan them out (we put little Nicholas' on top, since his are obviously smaller) and glue them on a piece of cardboard cut into a donut-shape.  Add a ribbon for the bottom and one at the top for a hanger and you're done! So cute to hang on a doorknob, or somewhere in the kitchen, maybe to remind you to 'give thanks' for all our blessings.  

Oh, AND, if you're interested.... The Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy are having their Friends and Family Event Nov. 13th to Nov. 16th.  I have the 30% off coupon if you're interested.... I can email it to you!  Some restrictions apply; also... for every purchase you make, they'll donate 5% of the amount to charity.  

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