Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What's better than going out to eat and NOT paying for the kiddos? I know, it would be better if they would actually behave and not throw food, or cause a scene when told they can't have dessert, right? Well, here's a deal. Family-friendly Friendly's restaurants offers "Kids Eat Free" Tuesdays, every Tuesday after 4pm. That means one free kids meal for every adult entree purchased. AND if they're good? Maybe we could let 'em have a sundae just this once.... There are plenty of "Kids Eat Free" deals out there; I'll be posting them in the coming days and weeks. If YOU see one advertised, let me know!

While I'm at it....here's a link to a $20 Office Depot coupon, valid if you spend $75... the only thing is there's a laundry list of exclusions; #4 I really take exception to, but anyway. I have managed to come up with something I need for a Christmas gift that seems to fall outside all those limitations. It expires on Nov. 15th... enjoy!

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